Sonic Mole Repeller Pest Control Device Protect your Lawns and Garden from Mole attacks

Sonic Mole Repeller Pest Control Device Protect your Lawns and Garden from pesky Mole attacks and remain mole free, no more mole hills
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Sonic Mole Repeller Pest Control Device is used to protect your lawns from moles. Protect your lawns with this ingenius mole control deterrent device from Big Cheese, STV Pest Control.  It has won 6 best gardening best pest control awards for its performance and effectiveness.  The Mole Repeller offers continuous protection of lawns, seedbeds and gardens, and is now bigger and 20% stronger than other makes, covers 1,200 square metres.  Works by discharging sonic pulse and sensory repellent simultaneously every 25 seconds.  Works using 4x 'D size' batteries which can easily last for upto 6 months continuous use.  With its easy set up weatherproof design, and heavy-duty aluminium casing for maximum product life. Poison free so safe for use around children, pets and wildlife.

Repels moles and other burrowing rodents humanely without causing them any harm. Moles, gophers, voles and other rodents find the noise irritating and move to quieter surroundings.

Worms are the mole's major foodstuff and each mole must find around 200 worms a day.  Moles can produce as many as 15 hills a day, each hill containing roughly 5 litres of loose soil.  Males and females live apart most of the year, but in breeding season males dig over large areas in search of a mate.  Moles can create 20 meters of fresh tunnels every day.  Breeding season is from Feburary to late June each year, and litters of young will leave the nest at 5 weeks old.
  • Power: Requires 4 "D" Batteries (Not Included)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 6 month 
  • 100% waterproof
  • Will not impede lawn mowing
  • No dangerous chemicals or poisons
  • Will not affect pets + other wildlife.

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