Seasonal Candles

Christmas traditions with festive scents and fragrances to celebrate a special time of year.  Choose from our fabulous range of scented candles.
Frosted Snow (crisp peppermint and winter spruce)
All Spice (cinnamon stick, ground nutmeg, clove bud, bergamot, almond, vanilla)
Balsam Fir (spruce tree)
Enchanted Night (pine needles, sweet  fruits, vanilla)
Vanilla Cookie (vanilla, cream)
Sparkling Punch (citrus, berry, ginger)
Winter Sky (pine needle, cypress, eucalyptus, rose, , orchid, sandalwood, cedarwood
Welcome Home (lemon, jasmine, lavender, canilla, cashmere, musk, amber)
Sleigh Ride (wintery florals, spruce)
Christmas Traditions Luminaries (reflecting the holiday period)