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Bolsius Aromatic Scented 12 hr Votive Mushroom Candles

Bolsius Mushroom Candle Votives


Votives are small scented candles that burn inside a special glass votive holder. The candles fully liquify while burning, which is why they cannot be used without a holder. 

Although these scented candles are small, they burn for a long time - no less that three times as long as tealights! The fragrance experience is intense, with the fragrance retaining the same intensity and the same character while burning as the scent and colour run all the way through the candle.

Bolsius Aromatic votives are sold individually, making them ideal for trying out a new fragrance. Use just one to rapidly create an ambiance in a room, or a combination of several for a more intense fragrance.

Bolsius Mushroom Votive         Bolsius Mushroom Votive Pack 4

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