24 Cedar Balls Natural Moth Mildew Must Repellent Balls

Pack of 24 Cedar Balls - the new alternative to moth balls to the old smelly moth balls. Protects and refreshes garments using safe and natural red cedar. Repels moths and mildew from wardrobes and drawers for months. Environmentally Friendly product.
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Product Brand:   STV
Product Code:   STV031
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New natural alternative to the old traditional smelly moth balls this environmentally friendly product protects and refreshes garments and clothes using safe and natural cedar.

1 Pack of 24 Cedar Balls repels moths and mildew from wardrobes and drawers for months

Its pleasant fragrance will penetrate garments and fabrics repelling moths, mildews and mustiness Excellent for holidays abroad Keeps them Mozzi’s away!!

Made from easern aromatic red cedar wood

Replace every 6 to 12 months or refresh scent simply by rubbing with a fine grain of sandpaper

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